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Digital Portrait Testimonials

Jessie created an AMAZING Cartoon Portrait of my French Bulldog. It captures his likeness perfectly and I absolutely LOVE it.

Emma & Abner

I loved Jessie's style of art, which is why I had two logos done in two different styles. She was so easy to work with! She gave me some awesome ideas for the cartoon and perfectly captured the personalities of my husky and shiba. I wanted a few things modified and she quickly took care of it. I really enjoyed working with Jessie (for both logos) and will definitely be commissioning art from her again!


I asked Jessie not even 72 hours ago about even the concept of the fictional character models for a friend. She got this done and was very transparent through the whole process, changing her direction many times and now the terms ‘Tedious Tanner’ is a thing. Excellent artist. 👍 

Tanner Siegmund

Jessie took my rough idea, and created something better than I even could have pictured! She kept me updated with progress the whole time. I love how she captured Miller to a T, even suggesting an awesome background to suit our adventure vibe. The amount of detail she put in is amazing for the price.  I will definitely be going to JL Break for any future designs!

Ashlei Pence (@miller.siberian)

THE MOST PERFECT THING EVER! This artist made my dreams come true! She worked with me throughout the process and sent me updates while she was working on it. I had some minor changes I wanted and she adjusted the design beautifully. I couldn’t be happier with this design!!! ❤️

Melody (@peytonpupper)