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Posed Newborn Preparation Guide

Hello and thank you so much for choosing me as your newborn photographer! Both you as a parent and me as your photographer have the same goal for your session and that is to capture amazing photos of your newborn to treasure for a life time!

I hope this guide prepares you so that your session goes as smoothly as possible!

Full sessions are 3hrs, generally 1hr to take the photos, and 2 hours to feed, change and settle baby. After the 3hrs are up, I will wrap up our session and return baby safey to their mama. By this time newborns are generally done, and their comfort and safety are always my priority!

Even if baby is squirmy and awake for your whole session, newborns have a way of making everything adorable, so do not worry if this is your experience!

Please note that not every baby LOVES having their picture taken, being posed, wearing hats, etc. Today you may have the most peaceful and sleepy baby, but your session may be a whole other story.

Once I have received your nonrefundable deposit of 30% I will send you a confirmation message and you will have your session booked. Your retainer is deducted off of your session fee, the remainder is due at time of session by EMT or Cash only.

Model Release forms

ALL clients must SIGN the model release form before their session. 


Did you have a baby boy?

If you are going to have him circumcised, for the sake of their comfort, please book your circumcision AFTER your photo session.

1. Bring a pacifier, bottles & diapers

If your baby does not currently take a pacifier, I strongly recommend bringing one to use FOR THE SESSION ONLY. The pacifier is essential to soothing the baby's need to nurse and will even releases endorphins, therefore, helping them to relax while I pose them.

If you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, please bring EXTRA bottles, for your session. Babies tend to eat more than they usually do for their session than back at home.

If you are using cloth diapers please let me know and I will provide disposable ones. Most cloth diapers are bulkier and will not fit nicely under provided outfits or fabrics.

2. Feedings

To get the most out of your session time and to avoid any stress related to in session feedings, I recommend that babies are bottle fed during your session. Breastfeeding can take hours and most newborns will require a small snack before your session, so pumping a bottle of milk or formula ahead of time is very helpful.

The few hours will not disrupt breast fed babies but will greatly improve your newborn photo session. Please use a newborn bottle nipple that is hard to flow, and make sure baby is comfortable bottle feeding ahead of time, a quick test run the night before is recommended.

If you are unable or decide not to provide a bottle of milk, soother, or formula, please understand that your session will require more time to feed your baby and may lead to less poses.

 A feed 1.5-2 hours before our session and a feeding once you arrive, will set you up nicely! If you want to arrive earlier to breastfeed, please notify me and I will see if I can accommodate your arrival. I do have pets and a baby myself, so please take that into consideration.

3. Keep your baby awake

Keep your baby awake in the couple hours leading up to the session to ensure he/she is tuckered out for the session. If the baby has slept all morning and arrives to the session, he/she just might be ready for a long awake period, which makes the job of getting them to sleep much more difficult.

Parents always think it won’t be a problem because their baby sleeps all the time, but I cannot stress enough that once they are being moved around unswaddled, they NEVER stay that way.

Follow these steps, to increase your chance of a sleepy baby:

1. Talk and play with him/her
2. Let him/her play solely in a diaper
3. Give give him/her a bath. (This helps their hair to be clean as well, yay!)

When you arrive in my studio, he/she will be ready for a long nap!

4. Watch what you're nursing to baby, avoid coffee, pop, and gassy food.

Bloating, burping, and passing gas are normal.

But if your baby is gassy or has colic, avoid the common culprits: Beans, brocolli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts.

Sometimes Milk and Dairy can cause upset tummy for baby, other foods, too — like wheat, corn, fish, eggs, or peanuts — can cause problems.

Spicy foods can make the baby uncomfortable or upset his/her tummy.

An upset tummy will always mean more tears and little sleep! If baby happens to be gassy the day of your session. Gripe Water can be used to help ease baby’s discomfort.

5. Dress baby in loose-fitting clothing for easy removal

6. What to wear

Wear something comfortable.

  • Newborn: All outfits are provided for your beautiful baby.
  • Mom: Light Neutrals A dress or plain top, a cozy sweater, light-colored pants (no black).
  • Dad: Light Neutrals or a white ironed clean t-shirt, make sure fingernails are clean and manicured. (no black)
  • Siblings: should wear cream vintage look or white, light coloured pants. Please make sure kiddos faces are free from eye goo, runny noses, hair is brushed and off their face and they are very well rested.


7. Dress in layers

My studio will be WARM (23+ degrees Celsius), so I always suggest you dress lightly or in layers.

You can always change into another outfit when it is time for you to be photographed.

8. Prepare for the break

During the session, sit back and relax. I won’t need much assistance, so take advantage of this time to rest (I’m sure you need it!). Parents will often watch a movie, answer emails, or read while I work with your new little one

I may ask for a hand from the parent who is not nursing in some prop posing, but for the most part, enjoy the break!

9. Eat before you arrive

I will provide light snacks and beverages, however, because of the length of the session, if you aren’t able to eat before you arrive, bring a more substantial lunch.

10. Allergy alert

We have two dogs. They are not in my studio while I work and I do vacuum and mop before your session, but they do live in our home.  I also allow pets to be included in studio sessions, so if you're highly allergic please take an antihistamine before hand.

11. After your session

Your unedited gallery will be sent to via email within 48 hours of your session. You will have the opportunity to select your photos. 10 for the mini session, 20-30 for the full sessions, but you can also opt out of the selection and I will choose for you. Please provide the file names of your selected photos. Your selection will then be professionally edited and retouched.

The remainder of balance is due when your session is completed, you can pay with EMT to or cash. I will email an invoice to include the GST for you.

Your finished photos from your session will be sent to you by digital download within 14~40 days of your last payment and selection. Your digital gallery will expire within 60 days so remember to download all your photos to your desktop or external hard-drive. If you every need to recover your photos, this can be done but with a $5.00 recovery fee


Please do not feel disappointed or frustrated should your baby want to visit instead of sleep during our session. It can sometimes take a LONG time before we get one shot, but this is OK! Just remember newborns are super new to this environment and they require a lot of patience! You may be surprised how much work goes into creating just one stunning image. I assure you; I have the patience and experience needed to get you a precious gallery of your newborn.